Autumn Winter

Handcrafted luxury jewelry by Adi Bibi


Adi specializes in designing luxury jewelry, characterized by a
unique line and handcrafted while giving thought and attention to each and every detail. Every piece of jewelry is made with the best raw materials: 18k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and precious stones.

Each piece of jewelry is a work of art that makes its wearer feel unique and proud.


  • Calla ring

    A sculpted spiral ring inspired by the natural beauty of a Calla Lily flower, featuring a curvy and flowing feminine design. This delightful ring is made of oxidized silver adorned by a stamen in 18k gold.
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  • Empress ring

    Handcrafted “Art Nouveau” inspired sculpted ring in a timeless, prestigious style. Made of 18k gold and studded with a beautiful opal gemstone in fire and ocean shades.
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  • Kate ring

    A magnificent ring made of 18k gold strings that beautifully encircle a large and dramatic rutilated quartz stone.
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  • Liz pendant

    18k gold “Eye” pendant, beautifully crafted with a large tanzanite gemstone, gold detailing and a central diamond.
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  • Merry pendant

    18k gold handcrafted pendant in minimalist, unfussy design with a subtle hammered texture.
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  • Pomegranate necklace

    18k gold handcrafted pendant necklace shaped as a pomegranate that symbolizes abundance, fertility, beauty and love. This one of a kind pendant is embellished with red ruby gemstones for a rich, elegant look.
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  • Jodi earrings

    22k gold flower earrings studded with square uncut African diamonds.
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  • Viola earrings

    18k gold stud earrings in a young and trendy style, studded with uncut diamonds.
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The love of art, archeology, and design bring Adi to examine and push the boundaries of the jewel and combine in her work unconventional materials such as wood, seashells, and pebbles.

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